Signals For Repairing/Replacing Your Gearbox

The rack and pinion system comprises of many components like main shaft, universal joint, gearbox or steering rack. The gearbox sits in the center from where it gets all the input from the driver and thus makes the driving smooth. After some time, this steering rack also known as steering box wears out and needs repair or maybe replacing. There might be a mechanical problem or the parts might have worn out with frequent use.

Here are some problems that signal that you might need repair or replacement of the gear box.

Grinding noise while steering

Lack of servicing and lubrication can result in over-heating of the metals, thus producing a grinding noise whenever you turn your car. The noise is really noticeable if you turn the vehicle in any direction and also cross a bump. You should contact a mechanic if you hear this sound as it can lead to car breakdown if not repaired soon.

Tight steering wheel

The latest suzuki samurai power steering system uses the hydraulic pressure for easy steering of your vehicle. Lack of hydraulic pressure in the steering power unit results in a tight steering wheel. So, it is advised to either lubricate the system or get it fixed by an expert mechanic.

Burning oil smell

If you notice a strong burning smell of oil, there might be a possibility that your steering power fluid is really hot and needs to be cooled down. You should stop your vehicle, and call a mechanic as driving the vehicle might catch fire and do more damage.