Charter Bus Rental Types You Need To Know

Charter buses are a secure, dependable, and cost-effective means of individual and group transportation in Puerto Rico. It can be hired for all kinds of events or occasions from weddings, work parties to school celebrations, etc. These charter buses come in various types.

If searching for one, you can avail the best charter service in Puerto Rico. But before obtaining these services, let us see the rental types.

School buses: These are suitable for outdoor excursions and travel to after-school activities. They’re also ideal for social gatherings and outings. They are not just used for school purposes but also as a convenient and affordable method to carry staff from one construction site to another or workspaces and meetings to other places. You can also make use of school buses for fun office trips which will also save you money and it will be a great thrilling experience.

Shuttle van: The shuttle vans are the best option if you are traveling in a small group. You can book it for an informal gathering or to reach the meeting venue in time. Shuttle vans are a cost-effective and efficient mode of transportation. They are fantastic for renting because they are perfect for short trips and can hold up to 15 people.

Minibus: If you are not able to decide which transport to rent to travel in a group of a specific number of people,then minibus can be the best option. It is available in different seating options and you can hire one that has the required number of seats. Minibuses typically seat 18 to 30 people and are suited for short-distance travel.