What You Should Know About Teen Transport Service

Teen Transport is defined as the transition of the teenager from the pick-up place to the destination as selected by the parent guardian. Teen transport associates work as a mediator between the programs, teens and parents during the entire transition to a chosen facility.

Why this service is designed for?

Teen transport service caters to the needs of teen rehab transportation. Teens that exhibit below characteristics will be benefitted by this service.

Some of these signs are:

  • Alcohol, drugs, and any other form of substance abuse
  • Use of tobacco
  • Poor performance at school level
  • Disobedient to parents as well as authority figures
  • Runaway history
  • Legal issues
  • Dishonesty
  • Seen to be involved in destruction of property, attempting suicide, fighting, etc.
  • Stealing
  • Bad company of friends
  • Family issues

What are places of pickup for teens in this service?The commonest place for pick-up for a teenager is at the parent’s or guardian’s home where the teen stays. Other pick-up places can be adolescent hospitals, airports, treatment programs, schools, friend’s home, private residences, police stations,courts, airports, work, and other private or public location that is authorized by the service.

Is it possible for out of state transportation of teen via this service?

It is essential to know that the teen transportation service will only do the transportation task when they get the consent of parents or guardians. This service can perform out of state transport if a parent agrees for the same. They would need permission letter from applicable guardian / parent or a legal document that gives them the consent to transport their teen.


So, this is the way a teen transport service operates